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Great Tricks in Handball and Basketball

I realised that in soccer are to many suprises. I usualy bet just Champions League games (on favorites). In domestic leagues i also bet just on “big names” Barca, Real, Man Utd, Chelsea,…. if i fail any of them i go with higher stakes on them in the next game.

Most money i earns on handball and basketball. Handball Bundesliga & Asobal. Basketball ACB & Adriatic league & NBA.

Handball is for me most profitable sport. Bookies have different handicaps. It is very good for live betting. (total goals , if the favorite team starts bad…odds are growing faster than in soccer and basketball)

In handball you must have fresh infos about the games. Sometimes the “big” teams have at the end of the week EuroCups games. That is + for away team if you find some big handicap. (in most keyses teams are plaing only to win the game comfortable and not destroy the other team) All here is that you just have to find the highest Handicap. (usualy Nordicbet has the highest odds and i recomend them to all users who bet on handball – highest odds on 3way *except if the team is “total” favorite (then odd will logical be very low), Bwin have solid odds also but they are droping very fast, a many times my local bookie make some mistake on Handicaps and i use it in my favour.

Also on bookie Cashpoint you can some day find some good HC (read small mistake)) If you are betting live on handball len i tell you that if is on the halftime low number of total goals it is very big chance that in 2nd half will be scored at least 5 more goals than in 1st half. Example if HT is 13:12 bookie will offer 52,5 totals (some 75-80% games finishes over)

I recomend also some small trick in NHL. If you are sure that your team will win in regular time bet the half of profit on win -1,5. (ex. if you bet 100€ on 1.9 50% is 45€. for -1,5 bookie offers 2.8 – 45€*2.8 ) In 99% of games loosing teams are pull the golie at the end if they are loosing for a one goal.

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